Homebodii Shines as the E-Commerce Leader: Triumph at Premier of Queensland's Export Awards 2023

Homebodii, Australia's premier pre-wedding sleepwear brand, celebrated
for its pioneering presence in this domain since 2012, is ecstatic to
announce its resounding victory at The Premier of Queensland's Export Awards 2023. The company clinched the prestigious title in the E-Commerce category, marking a remarkable milestone in its journey of dedication and innovation.

The Premier of Queensland's Export Awards, a venerable institution with a 33-year legacy, is a prestigious national program celebrating exceptional exporters who have achieved sustainable growth through steadfast innovation and unwavering commitment. Hosted by Austrade, this program is a true testament to the dedication and excellence of Australian businesses.

With unwavering support from numerous leading Australian corporations, export facilitators, and industry groups, The Premier of Queensland's Export Awards program retains its rightful place as a top priority of the Government. This underscores the program's undeniable importance within
the nation's business landscape.

Homebodii's triumphant recognition in the E-Commerce category underscores the brand's commitment to delivering unparalleled quality, innovative offerings, and outstanding customer experiences in the realm of e-commerce. Since its inception in 2012 by the former model, Ingrid
Bonnor, Homebodii has consistently set the standard for excellence in the pre-wedding sleepwear industry. Known for being an innovator in this space, Homebodii's commitment to these values has not only captured the hearts of its local customers but has also garnered international acclaim.

This prestigious award not only recognises Homebodii's exceptional product offerings but also pays tribute to its ongoing efforts to enhance the e-commerce experience for its customers. It howcases the company's dedication to providing luxurious loungewear and bridal apparel that resonates with a global audience.

In a fiercely competitive industry brimming with exceptional talent, Homebodii emerges as a shining beacon of success in Australian e-commerce. The e-Commerce category win at The Premier of Queensland's 2023 serves as a source of immense pride and inspiration for the entire Homebodii team. 

Homebodii will now move to the Australian Export Awards being held at Parliment House on 30 November 2023.

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