Homebodii is excited to announce their selection to be part of New York Fashion Week this September. Homebodii fashion designer and entrepreneur Ingrid Bonnor is set to debut her latest collection of homebodii intimates, sleepwear and occasional dresses at New York Fashion Week. Ingrid Bonnor and her fashion label homebodii will be the first Gold Coast designer and brand to be included in New York Fashion Week. Ingrid is ecstatic to be taking her dream to the next level on the Australian-only Fashion Palette runway in front of potential buyers, media, retailers and fashion influencers. The Fashion Palette Runway has been a part of New York Fashion Week for five years, and consists of ten Australian Designers showcasing their brands on a unique platform. Homebodii’s ‘Lost in Love’ collection will be a decadent array of elegant lace, exclusive prints, and pantone colours of pure white and blush pink. This amazing event will cement the homebodii brand on the international stage, and bring their elegant garments to women around the world.

Designer and founder, Ingrid Bonnor, gave us insights into her inspiration for homebodii and where she hopes to see the brand in the future.

1. What is your greatest inspiration when designing homebodii garments?

My greatest inspiration is my family. My mother inspired me to get into designing and following my dreams. It was my pregnancy with my second child that gave me the idea to form homebodii, when I was looking for a robe that was comfortable and elegant enough to be seen in by family and friends visiting me in hospital. I am inspired by elegant and classic beauties such as Audrey Hepburn, and strive to create garments that make all women feel as beautiful as they are.

2. Why is New York Fashion so important as a designer, and what does this mean for your brand?

New York Fashion Week puts the brand on a unique international stage exposing homebodii to buyers, influencers, and new customers. This opportunity is every designers dream, and means that the brand has grown to a level where it can be recognised as a fashion brand people should take notice of and watch in the future.

New York Fashion Week Homebodii

Sneak peak at our new bodysuit for NYFW Spring/Summer 2017 Collection.

3. Can you provide us with a hint of what we might see from homebodii on the runway?

Pure whites, blush pinks, satin and lace. Think elegant classic styles that embody the homebodii brand and exudes femininity.

4. What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced running and growing your small business?

Running a small business is a challenge itself, but growing it is a whole other hurdle. I worked in the public relations industry before I started homebodii, so I had the knowledge on how to contact media, deal with journalists, and market a brand. However, I had never organised logistics, had no experience in supply chain management, and wasn't familiar with running accounts. I started the business packing orders myself and doing as much as I possibly could, but I did need support from people with more experience and other skills. Thankfully I was able to surround myself with some talented people, and have grown an amazing team to assist making homebodii the brand it is today.

Alexandra Nea New York Fashion Week

Inspiration for NYFW of Dani Bonnor in our Helena Long Lace Robe. Illustrated by Alexandra Nea.

5. Where would you love to see homebodii in five years time?

I would love homebodii to be an international and global brand that has carved out a dedicated following. Homebodii customers are also brand ambassadors. I want to have a brand that customers feel they have a personal connection with and a feeling of intimacy.

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August 05, 2016 — Ashley Pilkinton

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