At Home with Yagan Jill

Yagan Jill @yaganjill, a content creator and model based in Sydney, began her creative journey eight years ago by sharing outfits with friends. Now boasting a following of over 400,000, she collaborates with online boutiques and agencies, showcasing her unique style and authenticity. Yagan's at-home rituals include relaxing baths and donning her favourite Homebodii PJs.

Beyond the digital world, Yagan enjoys special moments at home, such as market trips for fresh produce and cooking sessions with friends. Her journey reflects creativity, resilience, and meaningful connections in both online and offline realms.

We had the privilege of delving deeper into Yagan's career and gaining an insider's perspective into the model's daily routine.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started in your career?

Ever since I was small, I dreamt of styling, creating, playing. Today I live my dream.

I’m Yagan, an indigenous Sydney based content creator with a keen eye for all things style.

What first begin eight years ago as a means to simply share outfits with friends, has since evolved into a wonderful following of more than 400,000. Pinch me.

I remember going on a spending spree with online boutiques and featuring them in all my pics. Not long after, I was signed with a handful and through their sharing, my follower-base skyrocketed. 

What are your go-to at-home activities or rituals that help you unwind and relax?

I love a good bath. Who doesn’t? (Besides my puppies). The steam and heat relaxes me into a zen state. After this, I change into my comfiest Homebodii Pjs.

How do you find motivation and creativity for content?

I have many sources to account for when it comes to inspiration. I mostly find motivation and creativity from photographers, models, magazines, editorials and let’s not forget, other inspiring content creators. 

What are some essential home products or self-care items that you can't live without?

DMK. I can’t live without my skincare. I do suffer from the more-than-occasional break out. DMK comes to the rescue and is extremely essential to my skins health. 

During challenging times, how do you maintain a positive mindset and keep your followers engaged?

I stay positive and engaging by always being open. I’m always communicating to those who have decided to follow my journey. Often chatting away in the DM’s. This can get very down and personal. I am always supportive in return. 

Could you share a special "at home" moment?

A special home moment for me is going to the markets and buying fresh produce, bringing it home and having the girls over to cook up a fresh lunch. Sitting around in the sun, chatting away.