At home with Violet Grace

Much the same as a good Pinot Noir and 70% dark chocolate, being at home in leisurewear and looking chic are not mutually exclusive concepts.

I have narrowed down four of my favourite Homebodii pieces to show you how I wear them at home in my little art deco Bondi Beach apartment. From answering emails, to DIY manicures, to cooking my favourite pasta to entertaining friends in my living room – these looks are versatile and can even translate into the outside world.

Here are Violet Grace's four favourite Homebodii pieces

Look 1. The boyish PJ set.

A navy blue short satin pyjama set is something that belongs in every woman’s leisurewear cache. Navy is a complimentary colour on all skin tones whilst also being super versatile (navy and baby pink, navy and white, navy and camel are just some of my favourite colour combinations). As for wearing out of the house - these shorts would pair really well with a chunky sweater and a white sneaker for an off-duty Saturday brunch look.

Look 2. The robe.

The plushness of this piece is next level and the subtle charcoal shade means you can throw it over just about any slip, pyjama or lingerie set (*hello*) and it will look This is probably not a piece I would wear out of the house unless I was traipsing up to Icebergs in Bondi for a winter dip in the ocean pool – for that I will make the exception. But who cares? Still highly recommend – many an hour will be spent lounging in this plush cloak working from home, giving myself an amazing hair treatment or just chattering away on the phone with my best friend.

Look 3. The slip.

I love the boxy fit of this slip and the thicker lace detail – it is less traditional and more contemporary. The boxier fit also means that it would pair beautifully with a barely-there sandal stiletto and top-handle mini-bag for a night out with the girls. A tip for levelling up the luxe feel when wearing these pieces at home is to experiment with an edgier lip colour – with this slip I am wearing a Chanel plum lipstick (current obsession!).

Look 4. The boxy-fit pyjama.

I am a die-hard when it comes to detail-ridden pieces and the wooden buttons on this set caught my eye. The super boxy sleeves and longer short pulls this set out of the traditional PJ realms and more into a fashion-forward, contemporary setting. I would pair this set with a low-bun, bronzed makeup, strappy stilettos, oversized shades and either a smaller cross-body bag or a larger top-handle tote for a Sunday lunch.

Violet’s 10 commandments of leisurewear

Finally, I will leave you with what I deem as my 10 commandments for leisurewear:

1. Always, always read the care instructions. More often than not it will be cold wash or hand wash only. It would be a travesty to ruin your perfect new set.

2. Try steaming your pyjamas for an extra-luxe look (and feel).

3. Never eat bolognaise in your white slip/pyjamas. Trust me. I learnt the hard way.

4. Always wear your pyjama sets matching.

5. Experiment with wearing your pyjamas to Sunday brunch.

6. Always buy your mother-in-law a beautiful set of pyjamas for her birthday. Periodt.

7. Do not view your at-home wear as your ‘lazy’ attire otherwise you will never get anything done at home (hello pile of tax paper work and that door handle you’ve been meaning to fix…). Consider it your second outfit change of the day.

8. If you have had a bad day: put on your favourite slip, a red lip and blast Fleetwood Mac.

9. A leisurewear look is not complete until you add your favourite scent. I always opt for Tom Ford Fougere D’Argent.

10. Answer the mailman at the door with a towel on your head and a lace robe at least once in your life. It is a right of passage.