Feeling beautiful inside and out, is one of the most important values to our Homebodii Souls. We chatted with one of Australia's leading makeup experts - Michael Huxley, about all things confidence, inner beauty, and makeup!

Michael Huxley is one of Australia's leading makeup gurus, and created Australia's top makeup school - the Huxley School of Makeup. The Huxley School of Makeup is a unique, exclusive, educational institution, which provides practical, unbiased makeup courses that inspire, inform and develop makeup skills. At Homebodii, we believe in letting everyone's inner and outer beauty shine, so we sat down with Michael to ask him about his top tips that everyone can use with their makeup!

We all have our favourite products and brushes, but are there some makeup essentials should everyone own?

Confidence, and a smile! I think beyond makeup, before you even apply makeup, you should be yourself. Really appreciate yourself and love yourself – those are the things that are really important! I think that helps you through the application process as well. If you’re confident, you’ll understand what the end result should look like and the process as well. When you visualize the end result, you’ll achieve the looks that you’re trying to do! The reality is that there are thousands of products out there, so it’s not really like ‘you must have this’! Just get what you can, with what is available to you, and then play with that! The more you play with it, the better you’re going to get!

WFH allows us to take more time to learn about some of our favourite topics! What are your top tips to people using their self-isolation time to learn more about makeup?

They could definitely get a copy of our Makeup Goals Guide! It’s essentially a guide that doesn’t just show you tips and tricks, although it does have that, but it helps you map out your practice, and set goals. When it comes to practice or studying anything, the most important thing is to have a process and to have goals, and the Makeup Goals Guide helps to achieve that! Make sure that you’ve allocated yourself time to practice, and create a nice space to do it in, where you don’t feel interrupted or rushed. Make it like a ritual, to make yourself feel special! And finally, make sure that you’re prepared, and you’ve got all the right products and tools!

Taking care of the skin under the makeup is so important for feeling and looking beautiful! What are your tips for a great go-to makeup removal routine?

The better your skin is, the nicer the makeup will look! It depends on everyone and their own different skin, so you really need to find out what works for you. There’s not one specific thing everyone should do, but the most important thing is that you get it all off! If you’ve got a really nice cleanser that is able to get everything off the base, and cleanse yourself, that’s the most important thing.

Whether it's going out for brunch, or heading to the office, having an everyday makeup routine makes out mornings so much easier! Can you walk us through a simple go-to every day makeup look?

I think the most important thing is to feel confident. Whatever that looks like to you is the makeup look that you should aspire to create. But beyond that, one of my personal favourites is just a glowy, complexion-focused look. Some beautiful, glowy skin, and lovely eyebrows, there are so many steps though! But if you get your Makeup Goals Guide, then you’ll be able to learn a whole bunch of different things along the way!

You've created such a wonderful community with the Huxley School of Makeup! How can we get involved with the school from home?

There’s a lot of ways! So the Huxley School of Makeup was created for people who aspire to become professional makeup artists, but obviously that doesn’t suit everyone! We have a Facebook page called ‘Huxley Babes’, which is a page for people who are makeup enthusiasts, and for people who are models as well, to get themselves out there. There are actually wuite a few people who have been discovered through this platform as well! We also have the makeup Goals Guide, which is a totally separate thing for everyone! There’s an Instagram page for that - @makeupgoalsguide, and a website under the same name. They’re probably the best ways for everyone to get connected! For people who want to become professional makeup artists, obviously you want to be surrounded by people who have become quite successful in the industry, and Huxley is the best makeup school in Australia! If you’re an aspiring makeup artist, it’s the place you want to be, but for everyone else there’s our Makeup Goals Guide, and our community group.

Chatting with Michael gave us such an insight into the wonders a confident mindset and a big smile can do for our makeup, as well as how we can all get involved with the Huxley School of Makeup.

April 17, 2020 — Lilly Thompson
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